"I wrote a cheque for 30k euro from the Universe to myself (it was a
blank cheque downloaded from The Secret website).  I thought I did all the necessary steps but the
money did not come (yet). Abraham says it’s as easy to manifest $10k as it is
$10 (or something to that effect!! LOL) so where did I go wrong and how can I
manifest this sum of money?"

Let me ask you, if underlying everything
on a deeper level is a sameness, the same inherent qualities that the whole universe
is made of, and the only thing that makes the distinction is the distinction
you make in your thoughts about it, you
literally ‘carve’ the universe into being through your observations, you turn
the unseen to the seen, the unmanifest to the manifest, then is it as easy…..?  🙂

Or if your observations (hence your vibration) about one thing are as they are about another then is it not just the same…?  🙂  So consequently if your observations about manifesting $10k are as ‘easy’ as your ones of manifesting $10 then how could it be any different…?

Your ability to manifest something is to do with your vibrational harmony about it, and your ability to manifest something else is to do with your vibrational harmony about that too, it’s all the same.  And you use your emotions – how good you feel about it – to tell you how aligned you are with it.

Someone who is used to having $10,000 in a day
will have a different vibration, a different vibrational familiarity about it than someone who is having
say $100. However the ‘$100 person’ can work
themselves into vibrational harmony about it and the physical will follow.  That is the same for anyone on the planet, they have  the power to alter their vibration and hence the conditions they  experience on  a physical level.  You cannot attract something that is not a vibrational match.  So if the ‘$100 person’ raises their vibration they cannot not attract more money.  They’ll attract ideas, opportunities, rendezvous and synchronicities through whatever is the path of least resistance.


Focus on the end, rather than on the money as the means, that’s far more powerful

This may be something for a longer post but
when manifesting money ask yourself what the money is for. Usually when people decide they want money
they have decided that the form of what they want must be in the form of ‘money’ rather than
focusing on what they really want and letting the universe bring it to them via
the path of least resistance. 

For example, someone says ‘I want $20k for a
new car’ or ‘I want $50k for the down-payment on a new home.’ What I would say is focus on the qualities of
what you want. When you see yourself
FROM INSIDE your car or INSIDE your new home it’s more powerful emotionally
(and vibrationally) than seeing 20,000 or 50,000 or so notes. What colour is the car? What do the seats feel like? How does it feel to put your hands on the
steering wheel and turn on the ignition? How does it feel to change gears? What does it feel like to put your foot on the accelerator? What does the interior smell like? What do you hear? Does the engine purr or does it roar? 
What feels best?

And you’d do the same for the home. Describe the interior, what rooms are
where? What furniture do you have? What’s the garden like? What do you get up to in the garden? What about in the summer? And you can describe aspects of the different
rooms. Is it carpeted? Or wooden flooring? Curtains? What colour? What fabric? How does your home ‘feel’ when you enter
it? Cosy? Warm? What other features do you want in your home? Your own bar? A pool? A fountain? Landscaped gardens? A lake? Cinema television? Cinema room? A games
room? Multiple bathrooms?

By you getting involved in the ‘how’ and thinking you require the money as a means to what you want you are not being as
detached or as much of an ‘allower’ as you can be, you are determining that it has to come a
certain way (that you need money for it), and are limiting the ways it can come to you.  Allow yourself to believe in the abundance and infiniteness of the universe.

However, when you are starting out in thinking of what you want, IF thinking about money helps you feel better and more able to attract what you want, if thinking about the means HELPS you, then do it.  It’s all about moulding your thoughts.  Work with them and see what feels best.  Generally, thinking and getting deep into what you want, the end result, enables you to stay away from the ‘how’ and the universe to orchestrate it.

When you get revved up about what you want the
universe orchestrates everything for you
. Your job is to line up vibrationally. When you work in a team you do your job and let the others do theirs,
you don’t need to interfere with the universe doing its job. If you have total faith and certainty and trust, why would you?

Get the essences of what you want the money for

Someone might say ‘Well, I want the money
because I want to feel FREE and SECURE.’ Well get in touch with how that feels. How does being FREE feel to you? What
would you be do or have? Most
importantly how does that all FEEL? How
does SECURE feel? How much money would
you want to feel SECURE? Ok, imagine
having that money right now, how does it
feel? Step into the feelings, and hold
them, at least 17 seconds, for minutes if you can, the longer you hold them the more you are allowing your vibration to adjust to your thoughts and attract more and more thoughts that are a match to it, by virtue of Law of Attraction.

What you have right now in your physical experience is a match to the vibration
you have been giving off. So if someone says
I feel insecure because I only have $x amount now’, well, they only have $x
amount BECAUSE they feel insecure
. If
they change how they feel they will change what they attract
, that’s how it works, and it’s the same for anything and everything. Everything in your life right now, even the people who are with you in a
queue or when you are in a traffic jam, they are all vibrational matches to
your signal. Nothing is around you that
is not a vibrational match to you
, the universe is a vibrational one and the
Law of Attraction is the prevalent and most powerful law within it.  When you change your vibration you change what comes into your life…



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  • XIO says:

    WOW!!! Hemal this article is really GOOD…
    Honestly the picture makes me feel very attracted to money…It looks so Powerful and Beautiful…THE VIBRATION ITS PROJECT IS SO GOOD THAT MAKES ME FEEL IT IS ALREADY MINE…
    Okay now I am ready to get my big pile of money because I am feeling attracted to it….
    Thanks AGAIN…

  • Hemal says:

    Abundant thanks Xio 🙂

  • judith says:

    That is a fantastic article with all the nitty gritty detail. You’re so right about doing what feels good to each of us. We all have our little buttons… the ones that raise our vibration, and those that lower it. It isn’t about the words… it’s about the feeling the words bring up. Thanks for articulating this so powerfully! I find that after I’ve manifested something, I often can’t remember exactly what I did to bring it about. Now that I read this, I recall, that I wrote about what I wanted in detail and when it was required or I knew when it would be required. Then I just held out for it to happen… and it/they did. We can never hear this enough. Each teacher I learn from brings to light more subtleties. Thanks again! I’m off to manifest more wonderful things.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Judith,
    That’s totally correct it not about the words, it’s about the feeling – the vibration
    Yes, it wasn’t about the words you wrote but the feeling that you had about those words
    I hope you have manifested many more wonderful things!

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Hemal!
    I just want to say, over the last 4 months, since I started really getting into the Law of Attraction; you and your website has helped me no end. Things are manifesting……all the time. I attracted my “soulmate”, something I never though possible! Over a period of three weeks – I repeat……THREE WEEKS! Everything I wanted in that other person has happened – you just couldn’t make it up!! Its brilliant. I have to thank you again and again and again, because I am only taking small steps at the moment, and now im ready for the giant leaps……into my visualised world of perfect harmony etc etc etc!…..seriously its MAGICAL!
    “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through persistence.” – Buddha.
    Thank you. As ever – you are a LEGEND.
    Michelle x

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Hi Michelle!
    Thank you for your kind words! It’s lovely to hear your experiences!
    I think the giant leaps will come naturally. As you keep taking the steps that you do, although they may be the same size steps you will be covering more ground as a result of your momentum in what you’re doing, you will be ‘allowing’ more and more. It’s kind of like you’ll be paddling in the stream at the same pace but the stream will be taking you faster, so you can expect more and more good things ahead 😉
    It’s interesting, I just typed the above about ‘stream’ and now see your quote about the stream and the rock lol
    Thank you Michelle, it’s great interacting with you!
    Take care,

  • Martin says:

    Yes, my father gave me a great tip for getting closer to the feeling. When you are just about to sleep your mind can be less distracted. This is a great time to visualize, as it has less negative thoughts during this time.
    Happy Days, Marty

  • Sonali Patel says:

    Confusion with LOA continues. Have finished reading 2 BEST SELLERS, and both Contradict each other;
    Book 1 say ASK, and then forget about it, because it says that if you keep asking, eg affirmations, feelings, thoughts, then you put doubt so it will not manifest. the example this author gives is say you go to a restaurant, and place an order, then thats it – you expect your food to arrive – you do not keep asking till it get to your table;
    BOOK 2 says – ASK, be ready to RECEIVE, and visualise your outcome all the time with intense feeling
    shit!!! I am all flipping confused!

  • Annie says:

    I think it goes this way: visualize it every day, but then go on with your life and don’t obsess all day about the outcome.