I have made many many many wonderful friends through this common subject, many of which you see here on this blog commenting.  Recently one thing was becoming more and more apparent, I found friends saying to me that they were thinking of something and were going to get in touch with me to ask a question … and when they went online and checked my blog they found that I’d actually written a post THAT HAD ACTUALLY ANSWERED WHAT THEY WERE THINKING ABOUT!  (even though they hadn’t verbally mentioned it to me)  And as you’ll see below in Bhavini’s letter, this happened REPEATEDLY!

Bhavini mentioned this to me recently, and then Xio did and so did Karina! (these are people you will have seen on comments on posts)  For example, I wrote a post about ‘What do I do when others are Negative…How do I Allow?‘ and Bhavini said to me a week or two after that that she had been thinking about that topic THAT WEEKEND and when she got online on Monday … SHE SAW THAT I’D WRITTEN A POST ABOUT IT!  Xio mentioned the same thing about that post and so did Karina!  And also of course the person that had originally asked the question!  You can see some of this in the comments for that post.  And this has happened NUMEROUS times.

I asked Bhavini to put her experiences into words and she sent me a letter a few weeks ago, I’ve put this lower down on this post

There is a Collective Asking, as with everything

Essentially what is happening is there is a collective Asking just as there is with most things.  The President or Prime Minister is not elected ‘randomly’, it is based on vibration, EVERYTHING that you experience is based on vibration.  When you go out in your car, the people who are in traffic around you, none of them are coincidences, when you are in a queue the people there are not ‘random’.  It is also the same with your life partner, work colleagues and other interactions.  Based on your vibration the Universe has orchestrated all of you to rendezvous.  You are communicating through your vibration.

It is the same with this blog, it is a representation of the collective Asking and is a vibrational match.  There are no coincidences

Bhavini’s letter

Hi Dear Friends,

Some time back, I was playing around on manifesting a particular person into my life. I had read in a book that it is not possible to attract someone specific because that person may be trying to manifest something else and have their own choices. After a short time the communication started dying out with that person and that’s when I realised that maybe I was just wasting time on doing all those processes to attract that person into my life.  So I thought I would ask Hemal to throw light on this issue. .but before I could email Hemal, he had already put up his article on Attracting Someone Specific.  Trust me, but I was really shocked then because I seriously thought he had read my mind.  LOL

This was not the only time such a thing happened…

Sometime in February I was getting really worried because I kept hearing about the British Embassy getting strict about visa extension (I am from Kenya). For a week or two, I could think of nothing but this issue of whether when my visas expire in this country would I be able to get an extension?  Towards the end of the second week these worries had started nagging me so I thought I would talk to someone about it to make me feel better. I talked to a wonderful friend of mine, who is so much into Abraham material.  Just around then, it was so surprising to see that Hemal had put up his article on ‘What if the Universe is not responding?‘  That article came as a blessing because not only did it soothe my worries but gave me clarity on this issue.

When Hemal decided to put up the articles on Attracting Someone Specific and What if the Universe is not responding, I thought that surely this was just a coincidence?  But no, when he put up What do I do when others are Negative? on his blog I was fully convinced that this is nothing but synchronistic, the Universe in action!

I was experiencing some negativity with a relation, especially whenever I would sit and read my Law of Attraction material. This person kept telling me that I am wasting my time and my money on reading such books, etc.  I felt this was stopping me from applying Law of Attraction well. There was this day when this nagging got too much that I thought I would ask Nina (Nina Ferrell, along with Hemal she is admin on the Universal Law of Attraction group and a Abraham Hicks groups on Facebook) and Hemal on this issue on Monday morning because I had no access to the internet until then…but what do I see on Monday morning as I log into my inbox?  An alert that Hemal had put up an answer to my question before I had even asked him!  LOL

I take this all as synchronicity…


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  • XIO says:

    Tha is so Cool Hemal…
    I think that the synchronicities between the people from ULOA is getting Stronger and Much Bigger…Today I wante read again “What If The Universe Is Not responding”…
    Powerful Synchronicities Between Us and Powerful Love…

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Xio 🙂
    I agree, everything is building and getting bigger and expanding and becoming faster and faster, more and more synchronicities are being/will be seen