Here is an interaction from the comments of the "Everything you Experience is for you to Have What you Want" post.  It was a question Pat asked and I thought others would value it so I've pasted it here so it can be more visibly seen.  I've edited it a bit and added some additional comments

"Around January 2007 my husband and
I made a decision that affected me deeply (moving to another country),
and which I now regret. I cannot reverse it now, and I feel guilty,
remorseful, and depressed. I keep wishing I could turn the clock back,
which of course won't happen. I'd love to believe everything will be ok,
and attract the right things, but I just cannot. Any words of wisdom?"

Hi Pat,

You are in a situation that does not feel nice and you are looking to see what possibilities there are.

Start with the situation at hand, look at the things that feel
uncomfortable and look to 'soften' them. So you might say you are not
enjoying the country and find aspects that aren't so bad about them,
rephrase or reframe things such that they feel 'softer' rather than the
harsh way they've been perceived as previously.  It is never about a situation but your perspective on it, and that determines your vibration about it and thus your physical experience. 

As you soften how you see something the resistance will decrease and you will attract better feelings thoughts and feel better too.  Feeling better is a sign of alignment towards who you really are, from a spiritual point of view, it's alignment towards everything that you want

So as you soften your vibration you will attract other
thoughts in line with that and so on. As you do that you will find soon
enough your reality will change, and at the very least how you see your reality will have changed, in gentle subtle shifts. But it starts with gently softening
how things have been

You can say to yourself:
– I don't enjoy how things have been, but things have happened and I can try to make the most of them

I feel guilt and am depressed about it, and I can start to gently look for things I might appreciate because I know that will improve how I feel and is on the way to things changing, whether it be that my physical reality changes or that how I see my physical reality will change
– I can look for things that have come about through all of this which
may be of benefit to me, even if it's being clear on what I don't want.  I know there are things I have not enjoyed, in fact detested, but I am also clearer on what I DO want
– What I DO want is….

And work with building those thoughts, practice them, imagine them, spend time on them.
Just imagine if things could be a certain way, how would they be?  Don't
think you are trying to create something, just focus on these better feeling thoughts and practice them.  Doing this will raise your vibration and in time you will see things
around you shift, they can't not. If your vibration changes, what is
around you will (almost seemingly magically) shift

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