• Abundance is around you, everywhere. The Universe can’t not be abundant, it is inherently abundant, infinite and unlimited
  • You’re letting the Universe reveal the abundance to you that’s here.  Remember that what you want is always here.  All you’re doing is turning the unseen into the seenEverything you want is around you
  • What the physical illustrates is not what is possible but just a projection of the physical mind.  The Universe is your canvas, the artwork you create is as good as your expression of it
  • There is never-ending expansion and growth, NEVER-ENDING


  • Raising your financial set point, just like anything else, is by practicing your vibration about it.  It feeling better and better is a raising of it
  • The things you want – and their essences – help line up your desires to attracting them, practice the vibration of these BEING in your life and you HAVING them.  If you are from the place of them BEING in your life it is much harder (and less likely) to be on the lack side of them


  • See the things, including in yourself, that you are looking for.  In having vibrational familiarity with what you are looking for you will see it more and more [including in others]
  • Ensure the partner you are looking for is an expression of how good you feel (rather than compensating for how you feel)
  • Most people live their lives trying to fix the reflection – with action or by trying to change the physical experience – than working with themselves through their vibration.  There is leverage in working from the vibrational level and consequently the action/physical level will ‘reflect’ the changes made
  • You want your energy lined up (about anything) not split
  • When you work on your alignment you change your relationship with everything.  You are the focal point, it’s like when you change a lens you change everything reflected from it

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