“Hi Hemal, I decided earlier this year that I will run the Great North Run at the start of next month (October ‘08).  It’s a half marathon – 13.1 miles, and I had a lot of problems with my knees when I was younger and the past few years I have healed them (changed my vibration). I started training a few months ago, (I wasn’t very fit at all and could hardly run a mile!!) then due to various commitments I didn’t train as much. Tonight I went out for 3 miles and it felt a lot further!! I was wondering, how I can use Law of Attraction to help me feel fitter and feel that I can run the GNR in a good time. I want to improve my fitness. I know that it is a matter of aligning my vibration, any specific tips?

I have challenges with 2 particular aspects,
1: I find cardiovascular exercise very hard and tiring. It can be perceived that I am unfit in this sense. I am much more comfortable, used to and good at yoga, dancing etc. (Yes, I know these are beliefs that can be cleared)
2: The majority of my life I had extremely bad problems with my knees, partly a manifestation of my family saying repetitively ‘we all have knee pain/ arthritis etc and you will have it’, ‘you won’t be able to dance professionally because your knees wont take the strain’ You get the point. And secondly I feel it manifested because I didn’t love myself or feel loved by anyone else. Although this has changed, and my knees are much better, there is still sometimes a voice in my head saying I shouldn’t go out running if my knees are painful. Today I over rode that voice and went out for a run, it was fantastic and I had no pain. I felt it a bit on my chest from breathing heavy!!!

Love and light”


Just as you can be physically conditioning yourself for something you can also be vibrationally conditioning yourself.  In fact we talk about getting vibrational familiarity or vibrational alignment.

For millennia as a race we have been so focused on the action journey – the ‘doing’ – taking actions to get things done, we are now becoming more conscious of the emotional or vibrational journey – the journey that lines us up with our inner guidance and orchestrates happenings with the rest of the Universe where things happen far far far far more easily and are far more leveraged.  The action part was meant to be an expression of the vibration to have what we want than the full process in getting what we want

Regarding the cardiovascular conditioning, you start from where you start and make the most of it.  So it’s not about what you’re not or what you can’t do, it’s about focusing on what you CAN do, whatever that is, and expanding from there.



There is a reason you chose this race, and all that it entails, there are no coincidences.  So you are here.  There is something (perhaps many things) that drew you to this race and activity and all it entails.

That is being said to remind you that you are here and you are here by choice, and so whilst you’re here and you’re going to undertake it you might as well have the full experience in being here – rather than being ‘split’ about it or in two minds.  Sometimes when people undertake something or go through something in life they go through it with ‘split energy’, so they are there but either they don’t want to be or they think of things not working out or something or other on some level THAT DOES NOT MATCH WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO BE DOING.  And so they end up either sabotaging what they are doing and having bad results or succeeding but it being an ordeal in the process (and sometimes physically and emotionally), or a combination of the two.

The way to deal with that one might say:
– Ok, now I know I’m here and I’ve got to undertake this and I realise there aren’t coincidences and I want to undertake this
– I know that part of isn’t certain about it, perhaps in my capabilities or whether I should be doing it, but I do know I want to be
– So knowing I want to be doing this, and knowing that I will be doing this, I might as well go into it with ALIGNED ENERGY
– So as I go through this I will think from the place of it going how I want it to go
– I will use what I am about to do as an opportunity to line up my energy
– And I also know that when I line up my energy I don’t just benefit in what I am about to do but in many and all other things, ALIGNED ENERGY is very powerful, very attractive, and I attract all sorts of things
– And I also know that when I have completed what I am about to do, it creates a wonderful platform for whatever else I will do.  From having completed this I will have new eyes, new perspectives, new experiences, and a new place to make more decisions from
– And from those decisions I will flow energy to other things and I will grow, and that’s what I’m here to do


Being aligned will have a powerful effect on the results you get.  Having considered the above thoughts, you can also:

Start to practice you having completed the run.  Go out to a day, a week and a month after having completed it.  How does it feel?  How do you feel about yourself?  Practice this thought regularly, every day, whenever you get a moment, ideally 1-3 times a day.
Get used to how you feel about yourself.  How does your body feel?  How do your clothes fit you?  How do you feel about yourself physically?  As well as the sense of pride and all the other emotions in having achieved what you have

Notice how the month aligns itself in order for things to take care of themselves.  Your job is to align yourself emotionally to how things have gone, practice that imagery.  In professional sport they teach visualisation techniques to improve performance, especially physiological motor skills.  We are talking about conditioning you (emotionally and) vibrationally.

A couple of years ago I was looking to change my weight training routine and I spent time imagining how I’d like to be, I’d imagine my physique and what sort of a routine would feel fun and the type of lifestyle.  I enjoyed the process and what I was finding is I would be bumping into people that would be offering the right advice THAT WAS A MATCH TO MY VIBRATION and there would be people telling me about the right nutritional companies with the right advice at the right prices and so on!

As you line up your vibration the cells of your body literally respond to that.  You will also feel inspired and the cardiovascular conditioning will come on too


Other things you can do:
What are the positive aspects of what you are doing? i.e. what do you like and enjoy about it?  Kind of similar to above where I asked you to think about how it’d feel having done it, this is getting you to line your vibration with all the things you love about it and hence draw more to you.

When someone is in a relationship and they focus on the positive aspects of their lover or partner, as they keep their pure (i.e. not split!) thoughts on them, hence they draw those forth those aspects from the partner (as long as they are a match to it, or they attract someone who is a match) and it grows and expands and builds and builds.  You are doing the same, except the relationship is with what you are doing than a partner in a relationship.

What is it you love and appreciate about what you’re doing?  Again, by regularly practicing these thoughts you are keeping your vibration around that


As your vibration builds the race and the preparation will literally ‘pull’ you towards it, that is always the case, as your attention is around it, the ideas will come to you on how to do things, what to do, where to be, being at the right time/right place, talking to the right people, etc.

Whatever is happening or isn’t, keep your knowingness about it and that it is being taken care of.  It is your ability to keep that attention regardless of what is happening around you that is key, because sometimes the physical can take a moment to manifest what we’ve been vibrating.

All too often the Universe has the cake in the oven and is baking it and is about to deliver it and the person decides ‘Nah, it’s not happening’ and short circuits the whole manifestation.  Always assume your cake is being baked, even if it wasn’t in the timing or conditions you created from your physical/conscious brain, because the broader ‘God’ perspective of the Universe had far bigger plans for you than you could ever imagine.



Know that every single cell of your body (in fact the Universe) responds to your vibration.  It summons the nutrients and energy flow it needs for what you are asking.  And on a Universe level, whatever is a match to your vibration is attracted, including any and all resources and even any resources that need to be brought together and integrated together to be a match.

Regarding your knees, know that the body has the total ability to heal itself.  Your body is constantly replenishing and regenerating itself.  Every three days or so you have a new stomach lining.  Every seven years you have a completely new body – i.e. there is no cell in the body at that time that was in the body seven years ago.  If that’s the case and the body is regenerating itself, then how come physical symptoms don’t go away?  Putting it simply it is to do with the thoughts and emotions one has around it.

The body is regenerating itself and it is using your own internal blueprint to know what to recreate.  When there are (‘negative’) thoughts and emotions – or ‘resistance’ (i.e. thinking/feeling of what you don’t want) – that communication gets distorted and the body is not ‘regenerated’ how it is intended.

People tend to assume that the body declines with ‘age’, the passing of time has nothing to do with deterioration of the body, it is to do with resistance which distorts the body’s ability to maintain itself.  Resistance which is built up over time and which can be let go of by getting into alignment, and the body will immediately start to respond.  Some things may take longer to resolve as they have been built up over time, but the body will respond, it can’t not.  The whole Universe responds to vibration.

It is the same with ‘genetics’ too.  The body recreates through vibration.  Certain habits and patterns can be ‘inherited’ and chosen, but one can also practice a new vibration, and the body will respond.



So if you had an issue to do with knees in the past.  As you get into alignment as mentioned above you will find in that good feeling place that things will take care of themselves, you will be in a ‘flow’.  If you are wanting to do any ‘softening’ around that subject specifically you could say:

– I know my knees haven’t been great in the past but I’ve heard that the body can regenerate itself
– I know that as I tap into what I feel good about, whether it be about my body or anything else, I am in touch with my wellbeing
– And I know that as I keep myself in that place, and my thoughts about how my body used to be, the cells of my body are filling up with the wellbeing of the Universe, I can imagine it as light or anything else I like that feels good, but I can know my body is doing whatever it needs to to feel good, vibrant, energised, FRESH, and so much more!
– My body has been great over the years and I appreciate it SOOOO MUCH.  It has been my friend and my companion on this journey and I want to remember how I have felt at the best of times.  I want to remember the energy I have felt, the vibrancy, the ecstacy and so much more!

And remember the good times, the good feelings and the good thoughts*!  THAT’S how your body stays fresh and ‘young’!
(*Imagine or create some if you’re saying “But I don’t have good times”)


Of course, this article has focused on the energetic and vibrational side of things.  You will get many ideas on an action and physical level as a consequence.  You will find things line up to support what you want to happen, you will meet the right people or get the right advice and things will take care of themselves.  And if it appears it doesn’t, keep your attention and vibration on what you want, knowing your body and the Universe are responding.

Some things you may do in concert with an action perspective and vibration perspective.  So for example you might find a certain set of wraps that work well for you and you feel fine.  Or you may just find your knees are absolutely fine.  It’s your journey and you will know what to do by what ‘feels right’. 

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