Love is about following the heart. As with most things, all the answers one needs are communicated through the emotions.

Love is not meant to be about obligation or control – they are based on insecurity and fear, you will know how they feel and they feel different from 'true love' – it is about expression and being free flowing, it is about being 'You' and unconditional love.  It is not expecting the other person to be something, it is accepting them for who they are and loving them, and you being You in the same process.  And ironically, when you really do this you have all the love in the world here. 

When you are in this place of love the Universe beats a path  to your door to make it all happen.  The events and synchronicities and happenings all take care of themselves, they can't not, from a vibrational perspective when in love you are 'singing' and attracting all that is a match.  Literally the Universe creates a path for you, with the angels with harps and rainbows and more. 

Perception is projection.  You attract matches.  If you want to attract your soulmate (or have your soulmate be the person you're with), BE from that place and see what happens.  You can attract a person with those qualities or draw those qualities from the person you're with, it's by appreciating who they are than who they're not


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  • Kim Doyal says:

    Morning Hemal,
    As always, your words show up in my life when they’re supposed to! 🙂
    I have been thinking lately that I’m in a place in which I want to share my life with someone. Doing just as you mentioned above, coming from a place of love and really just enjoying the process of thinking about what I want in a partner /relationship. Because my thoughts are coming from love, it just “feels” good and I’ve been having fun just sort of contemplating this!
    Sure enough, someone has shown up! Who knows where it will go, but there’s no rush (although the Universe delivered much sooner than I had anticipated…;-) )and I’m just enjoying getting to know him.
    Just wanted to share and thank you again for all you words of wisdom!
    Have a fabulous day (or evening in your case! )

  • klare says:

    funny.. i was going to start off with the exact same words as the prior poster…these are also the words that i have needed today, infact i have been mulling this very subject over in my mind all day.. and then I come home to find that on my Facebook.. funny how the universe works isnt it 🙂

  • samvida says:

    Mega big bliss to you and everyone reading this message…
    Love and harmony, joy, peace, amazingness,
    and fun to you.

  • Agnes Napenas says:

    What a beautiful proclamation of love, Hemal! All day today the Billy Joel song, “Just the Way You Are” has been playing in my mind and then I read your blog! Cool!!! Peace, love & light, Agnesxoxoxox

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Kim & Klare, absolutely, isn’t it wonderful how synchronistic things are! lol
    Kim, the Universe delivered him in perfect timing 😉
    Thank you Samvida, and to you too!
    Lol, thanks Agnes, absolutely, more synchronicities!
    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful thoughts!

  • Bhavini says:

    Thank you Hemal for sharing this with us. .I really liked the post and as usual you do a great job in writing your posts..
    I found this post very very deep and meaningful..Thanks again.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Abi says:

    Still loving this blog but wondering how on earth you manage to fit everything in to your daily routine? I feel like I only just scrape the surface reading a few websites when I get a spare 5 minutes and the frustration of having other commitments is really hard for me to get past.
    Any tips for accepting that it isn’t possible to do as much as I would like?

  • Hemal says:

    Hi Abi,
    Thank you! 🙂
    Well I don’t know about accepting that something isn’t possible but put your attention on the things YOU WOULD like to get done and onto the feeling place of that, start with the best feelings things (they are in alignment with who you are on a larger level) and see them done, practice the habit of seeing things done, even if sometimes things aren’t and you feel frustration.
    What will tend to happen is either some things will get done for you, or you will have great energy to get them done, or you will come across something that makes it easy/easier for you to get them done, or they won’t need to get done
    But the key is to focus on the alignment through your focus of feelings and thoughts rather than what we are used to over the years, which is action, the actions will take care of themselves and will be a consequence of your smooth alignment.
    It may take a bit of practice and early on you may feel frustration at some things not being done (Did they really need to be done by the way? Could that be why they weren’t done?), but practice this as a habit and see what happens, you will also feel more at peace in your mind in seeing things as done and operating from that place than seeing them as not complete

  • Abi Ellis says:

    Thankyou Hemal
    As usual, that makes a lot of sense. I really do need to let go more, and I guess that includes letting go of the frustration of not letting go!
    Perhaps meditation would be a good start for me as I seem to be in a continual state of anxiety, frustration and turmoil.
    Have a great week

  • Hi Hemal,
    Great thoughts today!
    I love this idea:
    If I am where I am and that is ok, that begs the question…
    Isn’t where my problem child person (we all have one, let’s face it!) is where HE is and then isn’ that ok too?

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Thank you!
    Regarding ‘problem child person’ I take it you are talking about our physical conscious ego perspective? (for want of a better word lol)
    Well the gap between that and our spiritual perspective is the gap that we aim to close, it’s the gap that creates the contrast and the discord. So that physical perspective can be where it wants to be but when we’re not happy about it or have other associations so we are not whole on it, that is when we are creating the resistance and contrast, and as we soothe and soften our perspective on it we align ourselves to it
    Feel free to fire it back at me if I haven’t answered your question
    Best wishes,

  • Henricoleman says:

    Always interesting to see how you break down the questions and answer them so systematically. Great post, great explanations!

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Henri! 🙂

  • Lore says:

    Dear Hemal
    Ive been in a problematic relationship for a year and it has become worst the last month even at the point my partner just hit me. After that he asked for forgiveness and because i bekieved in his words i tried to work things out. But in my heart i feel im not with the right person but its getting really hard to get appart and be away from him!

  • XIO says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  • I agree with your views about love. When going into a relationship, it is important to be yourself. If you don’t love who you are, you cannot love someone else, and others cannot appreciate the real you. Likewise, you should love the other person for who he/she is, not dwell on their defects or deficiencies. With determination comes the strength for a long lasting relationship. I believe that we have similar beliefs about what it takes to find a soul mate which you can love and share your life with.

  • Hola! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the good job!