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The Universal Law of Attraction group on Facebook

(You might need a Facebook account to access it)

Many of you will know Kim Doyal from her being co-host on my Teleseminars, you can find her at http://www.theselfhelpchick.com

My good friend Graciela channels The Essence and you can find out more about them at http://www.theessenceofall.com

Kate Strong is my friend in New Zealand who does readings via her website http://www.katestrong.com

My dear friend Maja Milosavljevic has a site where she has information
on being an Empath and where she does readings from, you can find her
at http://www.thesmilingsoul.com

My lovely friend Kathy Hadley has a blog on Law of Attraction and is a coach herself Kathy Hadley Life Coach

Nina Ferrell has a blog on Abraham and other Law of Attraction topics, she also created an Abraham Hicks group on Facebook




The blog of Faydra Rector-Sargent who very much resonates with the Abraham viewpoint and has very lovely posts, some of which I have quoted on this blog, we share very similar viewpoints


Malathy Badri’s blog on the Laws of Universe


The blog of Kenneth MacLean, he is the author of the Marketing with Spirit links you’ll see on the blog and also created the Law of Attraction Explained Movie


Priscilla Palmer’s blog on Law of Attraction related content


Eva Gregory’s blog on Law of Attraction and links to her other sites


The ever-lovely, published author and my good friend Dora Crow’s blog on encouraging children to actively participate in advising each other, for them to tune into their own guidance


A blog on personal development, personal growth, motivation, psychology etc

A site with lots of Abraham quotes, I have a friend who regularly uses it and ‘borrows’ quotes from it




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