Sharon: Can I ask you a question….have you any tips for maintaining a level of trust? This trips me up a lot and I have LOTS I want to manifest! LOL!

Hemal: Tell me more about what you mean about ‘maintaining a level of trust’?
And it’s great you have LOTS you want to manifest, having LOTS means there’s a good (strong) desire and energy flow, you just have to tap into it with your beliefs and allowing and trusting

Sharon:  Well I KNOW this stuff works, I really do believe it at a conscious level but unconsciously, there’s a bit of doubt and fear…

Hemal: Ok, so is this Trusting thing about you being able to have (and attract) what you want?   (as opposed to that it works)

About doubt and fear, ask yourself:
    –What would happen if it happened? (what you want)
    –What would happen if it didn’t?
See what thoughts, emotions come up for you on that

These questions ask about the consequences of what you want or of not having it.  They will give you an idea of the associations around the issue and vibrations around it.

It’s never about the ‘reality’ of something

If someone is wanting money and their thoughts are on ‘not being poor’, the ‘poor’ element of that creates vibrations around that than on prosperity or wealth.  Most usually people don’t get what they are wanting because on some level they are thinking of something opposed to what they want.  People want to be in a relationship but ‘don’t want to get hurt’ or they want a business but ‘don’t want risk’.  It’s never about the reality of something, it’s ALWAYS about the perception.  You don’t have to perceive that a relationship could mean hurt or a business could mean hurt, it’s all about the associations you (in most cases indeliberately) wire up to each subject.  You could have associations that EXCITE you about being in a relationship or running your own business and being able to express yourself, and the reality would match that.

A person could be in the most dire of situations but put their focus on one thing that they appreciate, compared to the all the other 999,999 things staring them in the face that don’t feel very nice, and by focusing on it, by putting their attention on it their vibrations adjusts to the PRESENCE of what they appreciate (than the absence of something), and as they hold their attention to it, without contradicting it, after several seconds (17+ seconds) by virtue of Law of Attraction another thought comes along to match it……and then another…..and another…and another…and another…and another…and another…and so on….and then the momentum is in the direction of this…and soon enough this manifests on a physical level.

The important thing is the PRESENCE of what you want

The important thing is to keep the attention on the PRESENCE of something you like, it can be anything, whether it be the sunshine or your pet or the fact that you’re alive on this planet or anything, it does not matter what, what is important is the FEELING you create about it.  And then you mustn’t contradict that feeling.  It’s no good someone appreciating wealth and then moan about something else.  Or someone visualise money and then be disappointed when a bill comes through their letterbox.

Unconditional love

You’ve heard the term unconditional love, you’re creating that with this, you are saying (about what you are appreciating or wanting):

I will appreciate you and send you unconditional love and even when there appears to be evidence to the contrary of you in my reality, my physical world, I will still love you and focus on what I love about you (rather than what I might fear or could go wrong)’

And when you truly have unconditional love about it, you won’t be spotting the absence of it  😉  When the bills come through your door you won’t be thinking about them ‘taking your money’ because your consciousness will be focused on abundance and prosperity, whether that be on where you have it currently (it is ALWAYS around you, it’s just whether you spot it) or on what you are expecting to be having, the most important thing is how you feel.

Law of Attraction works even if you don’t believe in it

Now sometimes people might say:
‘I don’t know if this process works’
Or ‘I don’t know if this process can work for me

The Law of Attraction is very much like gravity, it’s there  lol.  You don’t have to believe it’s there for it to work lol.

And Law of Attraction works on vibration.  And your thoughts and more so your feelings are your way of setting your vibrational tone.

So, if one was to consistently have thoughts of abundance, wealth, prosperity, love, joy etc, without contradicting them, but didn’t know or believe about Law of Attraction, that they’d attract those things?  Absolutely! (so long as their disbelief didn’t interfere, i.e. it didn’t create resistance or negative emotions about it and that didn’t create a contradiction.  If their attention is on what they want and it feels good then this won’t be happening)

So I think you can work out where I’m going with this….I’d say play with thoughts that feel nice, just play, imagine, keep your attention there so they affect your vibration.  Focus on the process and the playing and imagining and don’t think too much about whether it works or doesn’t or works for you or doesn’t.  I think years ago they used to say that NASA determined that aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly.  But nobody told the bumble bee  lol.

Your thoughts lead to new perspectives which open up more thoughts you couldn’t have had before

Now, if you think about something that feels good right now, anything, keep your attention on it.  What will happen is your vibration will shift and from your new vibrational perspective you will have more thoughts and feelings and ideas open to you than you did previously.  And FEELING from there will give you a new vibrational platform, and so on.

If you have a certain goal and thinking about it right now doesn’t feel great, that might just mean that you have a desire, and because your beliefs aren’t lined up to it it doesn’t feel good, there is discord.  Let’s say for example it’s a financial goal.  So you could start by thinking about how wonderful money is and what you could do with it.  You could think about how much fun you’ve had with it in the past.  ANYTHING THAT FEELS GOOD.  That will create a new vibrational platform for more thoughts, and so on.  And soon enough you will be (vibrationally) at your goal or beyond it.  The momentum in the direction of the goal will not be step by step but can be greater than exponential.  Don’t confuse rational progress with  the infinite resources available when you’re lined up vibrationally.

Do the emotional journey

Do the emotional journey, and let the physical reality match it.  Your job is to practice the emotional, vibrational journey so well that it is SO familiar to you, that you know it so well, in fact you know it better than anything.  The physical reality then can’t do anything but match it, it has no choice, it’s Law.  And then you’d find it difficult not to believe something could work for you 😉



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