I posted my Manifesting Money post on a forum and I had a reply from someone asking me my opinion on what financial freedom would feel like.  My reply was that it was better to focus on HIS current experience, describing mine would give just that, i.e. my words and essences, the key would be tapping into HIS.

He replied back saying perhaps a better question for him to ask would be: "How do I create an experience I’ve never felt before?"

Well the premise of your question is that you need to know how something feels to experience it. So that would mean someone wanting to attract a ‘soulmate’ for the first time in their life would need to know how it felt? And so on…?

The answer lies in using the imagination. You are here as creators, to expand and grow and flow energy. it’s never about the goals it’s about the energy (‘life force’ etc) they get you to flow, that’s why they feel so good, the ‘desire’ is life force/energy.

The other thing to remember is that you are aware of the concept of financial freedom, so you have some awareness about it and you have a desire for it otherwise it wouldn’t have come up. So in your now position right now you already have aspects of this and that’s what you do, you focus on what you do have, or even pretend – that too stimulates thought, it’s never whether a thought is real or not it’s about how it feels.

So what’s the best thought or feeling you can have on the financial freedom scale right now? It may not be ‘financial freedom’ (or it may be!), but a better thought on that scale?

And as you focus on those thoughts (or thought), and as you focus them and hold your attention to them, without contradicting them, you will start to attract other thoughts that resonate with it, that are a vibrational match, and from that new vantage point you’ll have thoughts available to you you didn’t have previously, and so on….

So it’s never about feeling the end state (eg financial freedom) right now necessarily, it’s constantly asking yourself better feeling thoughts, in whichever context and whatever the goal and relative to your now position, because that’s all you can work with, the present moment (because that’s all there ever is! šŸ™‚ ) You can use an anticipated future to stimulate present moment thoughts.

If people were only thinking/feeling thoughts they ‘knew’ they could only regurgitate, rather than using their imagination to expand their thinking and experiences in new ways.

Other ways of stimulating the the thoughts from yourself, you could ask yourself:
-What ‘might’ financial freedom feel like?
-If I knew what it was like what would it be like?
-If I was to pretend to have it, what might it feel like?

And remember to focus on the thoughts and hold them and not contradict them, milk them for the energy they provide you



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  • XIO says:

    Do you know Hemal for me the word “MONEY” made me feel stress and sad…Money was for me, missing someone who I love the most, hate, loneliness and very sad feeling…When I want something I go straight for that and I got it free or in very low price…
    I know I can get whatever I want but I felt strong rejection on money…If I had money I had to spend it as soon as possible because I did not want to keep it…With my profession I had to work hard for money and it was stressful for me to got it but I wanted to get my degree and that pushed me to ask for money and felt stress to returned it…Again I got afraid of the idea of finding money for my tuitionā€¦.I have to find money for my master and this time I decided to feel better about itā€¦This time I know is going to be better, much better that I can imagine…Now I decided I want to have financial freedom( excellent idea)…I want to see the good part of having money and I want to see this in a nice thing to haveā€¦
    I love your blog, it always helps me…

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Xio šŸ™‚
    Yes, for many people they don’t feel good about money because of various associations they have built up to it. Money or anything else will flow to someone via the path of least resistance, so if they have associations to money what they want will flow to them via another way if that is an easier way energetically, so sometimes people say ‘I wanted to manifest the money and visualised it and I got this’ when what has happened is their feeling good state has raised their vibration and attracted something and they’ve attracted that because either that is via the path of least resistance, and the money didn’t feel so good, or again path of least resistance, they were feeling good about the money but this that they attracted was still more in harmony with what they (‘really’) wanted in terms of their essences (feelings/vibration). Money is just a tool TO something and it can manifest, or other means can manifest, it is remembering you don’t ‘need’ things a certain way (that would imply attachment, some would use the word ‘ego’ but I don’t really use that word), if you really TRUST THE UNIVERSE and know you are in the flow then a lot of things will come to you and you enjoy how they come to you, you don’t need to question the ‘how’ or the ‘form’ because you are IN the flow and too busy TRUSTING to care about all that other stuff