The content for this coming Saturday’s Teleclass is:

  • What are ‘Detachment’ and ‘Allowing’, and how can you use them to let your goals happen?
  • What Techniques and Processes can you use to attract your goals?
  • What is the inherent structure behind Manifesting and Law of Attraction processes?  What is it that makes them work and how can you use this for yourself and to create techniques for yourself?  I will be working with common techniques you will have heard of and letting you know what it is about them that does what it does
  • The Keys to Creation – what you are doing to manifest the things you want
  • Examples of working with processes
  • Practical exercises
  • Do of course send in your questions and make this an even more unique and special experience for you!  Send them to

For booking details go to—book-now.html

If you have missed previous teleclasses you can download them from that link and are still able to purchase them as a bundle ($20 each or $50 for the bundle of all 4 teleclasses)

And remember, even if you can’t attend live you can still submit questions and access the download to them afterwards

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