Kim: I have one primary goal that I want and I have given a lot thought about it and really love the feeling of having it, but my day-to-day work and my thoughts of work hinder me occasionally and I end up flowing upstream with thoughts. Is there a way to stay tuned in and connected all the time, no matter what?

In terms of day to day works thoughts, my thinking is along the lines of no matter how hard people may try to find good feeling places while at their day to day job, it is really hard to stay in a good mood if 1) you are not happy with your circumstances or 2) people around you are only being disruptive and are negative in their outlook. This is why I asked how can one stay connected nearly all the time and just go with the feeling of allowing.

The ‘day to day’ work is not so much an issue or doesn’t have to create discord in you, in fact you could enjoy it, when you think it’s likely not to be around forever as you’re on your way to ‘better things’ if that thought feels better to you.

The Value of Resistance and Contrast

So you are asking if there is a way to stay tuned in and connected all the time, no matter what.  I would presume that to mean not having resistance or ‘contrast’.  Realise that resistance and contrast serve functions in the manifesting process, they enable you to make preferences and choices, they fire ‘rockets of desire’, and then you line up to them.  And you have manifestations, and from those new perspectives (and contrast) you have new preferences and choices.

I’m presuming that it’s not necessarily about staying connected ‘all the time’ but about lining up and staying connected so you can manifest what you want, so let’s work with that.

Making Peace with the Present

You know that whilst you have discord about where you are currently you are not quickly getting close to where you want to be, the solution is to make peace with where you are at. 

You mention the circumstances and the people ‘disruptive and negative in their outlook’, realise that circumstances are a mirror of the vibration that has been given off and the sooner attention is put onto something else the sooner you can let new things in.  I’ll use the diagram from the previous post which illustrates this


So, let’s sooth the vibration of where things have been.
You may have thoughts around the current work such as ‘Oh, you’re getting in the way of my dreams’, ‘As soon as you go I can get on with my primary goal and dreams’ or ‘The people here are just pulling me back’ or ‘The people here are so disruptive’.  Whilst those thoughts can be understandable in the environment, you want to get at peace with that.  Because whilst your observations are on that, you’ll see more and more evidence of it and not allow evidence of you being close to all the things that you DO want.

Can you find something about your work that you can appreciate, or like?  Is there something that you ‘might’ appreciate?  Did the work come to you at a time when you needed it?  Or has helped you to pay the bills?  Realise, in your whole evolution, this work came to you at a time when it was a vibrational match for you.  You may not enjoy it or love it, and that’s ok, but you can be thankful (and I’m not suggesting you’re not).  Kind of like friends, who have known each other a while and both have evolved in their own ways and it is time to move on, and there’s no point holding grudges or ‘bad vibes’ about it.  Make peace with the current work.  If you are able to focus on thoughts about it that you appreciate then all the better.

You might say ‘How can I get at peace with it when I’m still in it?’  You make peace with it, but also realise that for wherever you want to be going, you need to make the emotional journey first, so that it can be reflected in the circumstances you experience.  The only reason this job is still around and not something else is you are a closer match to this through your attention at this moment in time.

Feeling better about the Present

If there are consistent things that keep coming up in your day to day reality that don’t feel good then:

-List them, use them to pivot to what does feel good.  Eg ‘The people I work with are very negative’, pivot it to ‘I’m going to have people around me who are inspirational and I feel energised around’ and then when that’s comfortable then into present tense such as ‘I have fantastic people around me who all contribute so positively to my life

-You can work on finding aspects that you appreciate about
those things or other things, or you could make humour of it

Realise that your present moment is on a continuum, there are things
‘better’ than it and there are things ‘worse’ than it.  Which you
compare it to will determine how you feel about where you are
currently.  It’s all about using the comparisons and thoughts to feel
good right now

-You could for example play a game that every hour (or whatever time frame) you have to find one unique thing in your day to day work that you like or appreciate.

-You could use the future processes I mention in this post where you go out to the future and you look back to now from it, realising that you GOT what you wanted, you GOT your primary goal, and where you are now was a piece in the whole orchestration of it

When you are feeling good and in the moment (and acting from joy) you’re not counting the moments, you’re not hoping or working out how soon you can have your other goals, because you are enjoying the present moment, and ironically you tend to do better and attract what you want quickly anyway.

Using your Desire to Feel Good

So let’s move onto the second part, which is perhaps more directly related to what you asked, about feeling good.  You can find things in the present work that feel good, or you can find things in your primary goal that feel good (which you are) or you can find thoughts in anything else that feel good, but just not contradict it with your thoughts about the present work, that seems to be the key in what you’re asking.  If you feel good and don’t contradict it you’ll get what you want.

If you’re getting ‘sucked’ into not feeling good from the ‘day to day work’ and you feel good about your primary goal, then practice that vibration further and further.  If your vibration is higher about it then the day to day work vibration may not have the same impact.  The way to stay connected more of the time is to practice the vibration of what you want, and as you do that it becomes more and more familiar and more ‘normal’…in fact more ‘day to day’ shall we say 😉  and the momentum (and Law of Attraction) is very firmly in that direction.  If your dominant thoughts are in a direction about what you want then that’s where the momentum is.

Spend more time focusing on what you like about it, the best aspects of it, how you’d like it to turn out, etc.  How would it feel to be in your life right now?  You will find as you have that vibration around you more and more you will notice things around you change, things in your day to day work will be different.  But, your focus is on you feeling good, not looking at the external environment for reference.  The manifestation could be close to happening – often 99% of the work is done before you see it on the physical – and by you checking for it you’re bringing that into your vibration, if there is doubt or uncertainty that comes into it, and it’s not helpful.  Your attention should be on your own thoughts and feelings about what you want than looking at others for reference, impose your intent [on the environment] through your vibration than the other way around.



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