"If I say I am abundance and then in the same breath say I want more
abundance do I not imply that there is a ‘dearth’ of abundance in me?"

It depends on your vibration about it (you’ll know that by how it feels, whether exciting or ‘not good’)

Sometimes if something feels uncomfortable then it can imply that on some level you are not focusing on the abundance of it but the lack of it.  The uncomfortable feeling is an indicator of not being detached (or allowing) what you want as well as you can.  Look to soothe any resistance or attachment around it (see other posts on this blog, and in future there will be more on this also), focus on the aspects of what you like about what you want, than any lack of it in your present reality.  For example if it is money related focus on the things the money will get you and how they feel…milk those thoughts for their emotional (/vibrational) value, rather than thinking about what isn’t happening in the present reality.  You can focus on ‘what-is’ (eg any lack in the present moment) and create more of it, or use your imagination and create what you want through that, it does not make a difference, your point of attraction is in your Now moment and it is your choice as a deliberate creator what you want to emit vibrationally, so to speak.

way is to focus on the abundance already around you ("I appreciate the
", "That I can breathe", "That I have the people I have in my life",
etc), start with things you know you appreciate (than something
you’re not convinced about and ‘trying’ for – because that will be its own vibration),  let that awareness
expand as your focus on it causes your appreciation of it to expand further.

way to attract anything – including abundance – is through your focus on
it.  It doesn’t have to be the specific thing necessarily but by being a
vibrational match of it.  The things you think and feel – the specific things – are essentially metaphors and tools for lining up with the vibration.  Through your vibrational focus on something you allow it to expand further, and of course also by keeping thoughts off the
perceived‘ lack of it, otherwise one can be ‘short circuiting’ the good vibrational work they are doing.
It’s always about ‘perceived’ as everything you want is already around you, it’s about letting it in


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  • XIO says:

    Thank You Hemal Universe!!!
    I Have Experience That “When We Feel the Vibration of Abundance We Feel That We Have ALL What We Need and Much More…
    Powerful Abundance Of Love