Hi Everyone,

This Saturday 6th September I have been invited to speak at an Open Conference Call (free) run by the Law of Attraction Club.  It will be an open topic on Manifesting with an emphasis towards Money as they have had a few of those questions recently

For more details go to  Law of Attraction Club

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  • Mike says:

    I am a composer and I have written a number of music tracks based around positive visualization. I wrote them for myself to change my own life and get myself and my family out of the negative hole we were stuck in.
    My visualizations are VERY different from the regular wind chimes and flutes they contain dance tracks and rock guitar they are all short 3 – 6 mins and to the point. Not everyone can spend time meditating each day but a busy single parent can listen to something positive in his or her car and begin to get some relief that in time will crack open that door to enlightenment. My tracks may not be the whole answer but if they get someone on the path in a way that makes sense to them.
    Transformation and creation come from quality visualization which in turn comes from repetition. Just like physical exercise reps build muscle in this case reps bring change. Many of my tracks are great to exercise to with up tempo beats.
    Let’s move the world to the creative paradigm.
    You can hear samples on www.quantumcreators.com and purchase tracks for 99 cents.
    Put QC’s on your site and earn 15% as an affiliate.