This was an interaction I was having with Xio (who you will have seen comment on posts on here) on a thread on the Universal Law of Attraction group on Facebook ( about how she used to go for things that were ‘perfect’, eg if she was arranging a party then having perfect food, perfect people, the perfect place etc, whereas nowadays she is more focused on ‘softer’ qualities such as everybody being happy and enjoying the party.

I thought I would add some thoughts regarding ‘perfection’…

Yes, what I’ve found is that having ‘perfect’ goals and striving for
things of a high degree is absolutely fine and a wonderful way to KNOW
, and then being in the moment and
enjoying the PROCESS and focusing on the CREATION and on the JOY in the

It is absolutely fine to be bold to go for what you
really want
(there is energy and flow in boldness, than in being
timid), whatever it is, even if it is, in your current perception,
‘perfect’, you are using that label to clarify and define what you
want, and then it’s about why you want it, the emotions, the essences
(the qualities of what you want, the way it makes you feel etc) and
letting go of any labels about ‘perfection’ (because the Universe
doesn’t have such labels, you Ask and it Gives) and focus on the
EXPERIENCE of what you want

What you want are your goals to matter so much and more and more so that more and more energy flows, the more desire the more energy flow, but you don’t want them to matter SO MUCH that you are ‘attached’ to them (and not ‘allowing’ them) that you pinch the energy off

‘Perfection’ as with many other concepts is a label, and you can determine whether it is useful to you or not by how it feels, and using your feelings as your guidance you can use it in the best way for you, to inspire and create great things (than to use it to beat oneself up lol), as with anything it has great potential to think in great ways and flow wonderful things to you

Follow up from Xio:
When I ask I want to do things or have things in perfect way, that will
depend on how I feel or how my vibration is about it? …Like for
example…Having a perfect profession, perfect soulmate, perfect house,
perfect family…I really want to have them in perfect way and of course
feel happy about having them… When I ask for something I always say. “
I want to have this but I want You help me to pick what is the best for
Am I doing it right?

Yes, that’s right it’s about how you feel and your vibration about it

when people set goals they say they want them a ‘certain way’, that ‘it
has to be like this otherwise I won’t be happy’, and that could include
‘perfect’ or not, but when people from their ‘humanity’ are saying that
‘it has to be like this’, they are not allowing their divinity – or the
Universe (or God or Source or Higher Self or whatever) – to create for
them as it may have so many many many other possibilities that are
available, but people can limit by saying ‘I want it THIS way’. Let go,
and trust, and line up and feel what you want so you don’t notice that
currently, in your physical perception, it’s not here on the physical
although on many other levels it is already here and has always been



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  • xio says:

    Thank you very much Hemal Universe!!!
    It is true that perfection is all about how we feel…When we have happy vibration or peaceful vibration we see everything coming in perfect way…We can see life as perfect we wish to have it….
    Powerful Vibration of perfection and Love

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Xio,
    That’s absolutely spot on! 🙂
    Some would say that so long as you feel great, regardless of what seems to be the case on the physical, everything is ‘perfect’ (because if you are feeling great then more of that is on its way)