A friend suggested to me to write a post on “Happiness”.  So I thought a post about “Recipe to Happiness” could be fun…


Ingredients to include, and not include in your life.  Starting with those to avoid…


Fear – Focusing on that which hasn’t happened yet can bring you more torment than it might if it does (and attract more also).

Anger – A moment’s miscontrol can lead to consequences and regret beyond the moment.  Which can lead to…

Guilt – Questioning an action or decision beyond when it happened.  It happened back then, you can drop the burden/load now.  Correct whatever you need to, and go forward with a free mind.  A heavy load just slows the rest of your journey…



Love – The truth is when you experience love, it is another (or some ‘thing’) enabling you to find the love within you.  Your whole physical experience is about revealing more of who you are.  You are in a beautiful place to do that.

Happiness – Oftentimes a state people allow themselves to feel when they have, be, or do something.  Essentially, those conditions act like ‘switches’ for you to turn on your allowance of this state.  Allow yourself to feel it now.  And having, being, doing what you want will come sooner anyway.

Self-worth – Much like happiness, people place conditions on how they see themselves.  Oftentimes they look around where they are, or look to their past, perform evaluations based on their beliefs, and determine their ‘value’.

Allow yourself to set no conditions on your ‘value’ or self-worth.  Or better still, project the most magnanimous dreams into your future, feel and embody yourself within them, and transform your now.  Expect your world and everyone within it to change.   It can’t not.  When you truly change how you see yourself in your now, you change everything that you see from your now – and that’s how you change your future, and your possibilities in your now.


Rainbow Rose



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  • Aidan Gibson says:

    Great post Hemal! 🙂
    One ingredient at a time is the way forward. Thank you for this inspirational view on mindset.

  • I think a lot of people these days live in fear, fearful because they are uncertain about their future.
    Many people do not condition themselves into success. We are creatures of habit. Our daily habits(actions/behaviors) determine our results.
    Like you said a key element for happiness is focus. Many elements make up our focus. Such as self talk and the pictures we create in our imagination. Focus can be directed by conditioning your mind and neurology for success. By doing so, you will keep alignment at the neurological and unconscious level where you can feel better about your future.

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Aidan!
    Thank you for your thoughts, Franky!