LOA in Vegas

For quite some time, quite a few of you have been asking to see me live.  You will now be able to do so!

Later this year I will be doing a live event in Las Vegas billed as “Law Of Attraction in Las Vegas with Hemal Radia“. 

I will be covering a lot of Law of Attraction material and you will not only be getting information and insights, but transformation also.  Anytime you cover something that expands your perspective and awareness, it cannot not create transformations within you, and of course raise vibration.

You hear the term “Law of Attraction”, but it’s really about finding ‘You’, and as you do that and offer a clearer signal to the Universe, you get more and more confirmation of it with manifestations and synchronicities.  As you find your flow, you have a smoother alignment with a larger flow and things flow more easily into your life.

It will be a weekend event at the Trump International hotel.  We also have a special arrangement with the hotel for attendees.  Based on a first come first served basis, room rates for “Studio suites” will be $99 (excl taxes), plus our attendees will get a view of the Las Vegas Strip from their rooms.

You can find out MUCH more about the event and what’s in it at the Law Of Attraction in Las Vegas with Hemal Radia page.

Below is a video for the event.  If you are accessing this post via the
email subscription or anywhere else, click “Law of Attraction in Las
Vegas with Hemal Radia Event post
” to access it on this post on the blog.

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