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A few days ago, a friend wrote to me feeling saying that she had been in a wonderful flow and had felt that day that she had – in her words – “crashed”.  She had been feeling great, doing all sorts of things to look after herself, and then all of a sudden she felt things “fall down” all around her and she felt very, very down – down to a degree that she had hardly ever felt. 

She had been intending to become a client before this happened and is about to become one anyway.  I wrote her a message at the time which enabled her to realise how she could get herself back into her flow. 

Within days, she is buzzing and is back in her flow despite how down she was at the time.  She wrote to me this morning with a list of around 10 things that I had mentioned in my message to her which she had organised into a list.  

Enjoy…. 🙂

(To give you the context of some of the points below, I’ve annotated some of them and put the annotations in brackets)



Hi Hemal,

I am going to re-read your note every day for the rest of my life! ha ha  Seriously, there are so many good points that you make there.

1. I love the idea of being “light and easy” with myself. You are right, the easier I allow myself to be, the better I feel! Do not disrupt flow…ok, got it!

(Do not beat yourself up and create resistance from your flow.  Be light and easy and gentle with yourself.  Let the energy flow, and let it build and grow.)

2. No beating self up…stay away from quicksand…excellent point!  Btw, I thought about quicksand a lot as a child…just remembered that…haha

(The languaging she was using was of “crashing” in having come out of her flow.  Understandably, due to the state that she was in at the time, she used the languaging a few times in her original message to me so I asked to her to focus instead on what she wanted (than on what was wrong, i.e. “crashing”).  It’s like quicksand – that’s the analogy I used.  The more we struggle, the more we get pulled in.  The more attention to what we don’t want, the more we ‘fight’, the more we can feel getting sucked in. 

So relax, get your attention away from that.  Don’t put your energy towards it.  Instead, be light and easy because your flow is ALWAYS there, it’s about you letting it in (and not fighting or resisting it).  You are always connected to your flow.  So relax, let it in.  Think thoughts that feel good, they are you letting in your flow.)

3. Relax and know it is ok to concentrate on “me”. I just want you to know that I never knew until a few years back that it is ok to love myself…unfortunately I think a lot of people are unaware of that. (Might make an excellent post for you in the future)

4. Get rid of unwanted thoughts by thinking of being in the “now”. Will try and just revert to breathing technique or mantra…I call on my higher self.

5. Begin thinking of one wonderful thing to appreciate and then add more to the list.

6. Good thoughts = positive flow!

7. Do things that feel genuinely good to you.

8. Do things that energetically have value for you.

(I said to her to consider the things she does, thinks and feels for their ‘energetic value’.  How do they feel?  My sense was she was getting drained because she was focusing on things which energetically didn’t feel great for her and she was ‘getting things done’ and ‘working away’ rather than being in her flow.  She focused on this, as I get my clients to do, and she felt herself driven to do things which were more compelling and had a higher ‘energetic value’ and very easily and naturally her flow came.  I got her to focus on how things felt to herself. 

I have even worked with Law of Attraction coaches in guiding them to making this a way in their lives and their businesses, love lives and many other things have skyrocketed.)

9. Allow yourself to create personal well being doing the things you love.

10. Find your own personal ‘Super’ Coach, like Hemal Radia…:)

By the way, you are absolutely wonderful!

Thanks, things are getting better already…woo hoo!

PS. Maybe you could post this as Hemal’s Top Ten List for Staying in Alignment…



Any questions?  Any comments?  Anything you’d like to add that has
worked for you?  Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments below…

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  • Mary-Lee says:

    Thank you for this! It’s good to have reminders about how we can get back to the flow. Not eazy… I have same experiences than this women had: I feel absolutely wonderful and then suddenly everything just goes bam! I had one couple of weeks ago. I felt completely that I was in the flow and I was loving life. Then suddenly something horrible happened and I cried for two days.
    So my question is: If we make our lives with our vibration by feeling the love and the sun in our hearts, WHY and HOW this kind of crashes happen? I mostly believe in LOA, but sometimes I doubt it because of these experiences. Feels like some things happen because of karma, destiny or God and somethings just can’t be controlled by our vibrations. I would loooove if you could answer this and make me a more stronger believer of Law of Attraction!

  • I loved reading this and I think it’s wonderful that your friend created this list. It’s so nice of her to share what has worked for her with others. Hemal, the quicksand analogy is great. I’m definitely going to remember that one!

  • Maroa says:

    I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. It works like magic. Infact it is the magic in the miracle healing that were performed by Jesus. He said it himself.

  • Ramona says:

    If there is love, there is a strong spirit. If there is a strong spirit then there is no reason to crash since your friend is always connected to the one/s who love and admire her very much.
    I admire the person who wrote the letter, thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks. . .
    I love the Quicksand image, mind if I expand on it abit and linked you to my blog. http://Chantaclair.blogspot.com ?

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thanks everyone!
    Mary-Lee, it is all vibrational. The crashes are likely to be from some resistance somewhere and possibly you weren’t (yet) aware of it from a conscious level. Regardless of what happens, what I would say is ask yourself what is the best vibration you can have at this moment, and build from there. Does you NOT believing in LOA serve you any better? If it truly does, then feel free to follow it. Your flow is more important than what (i.e. the details of what) you believe. Follow what feels best to you in the moment 🙂
    In likelihood it will be about you having faith, regardless of what happens, and being kind to yourself. That’s a brief answer, but there will be many answers in the posts elsewhere in this blog, and also, if you haven’t accessed the audios, there are free ones here for example: http://www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com/loa/2010/03/have-you-downloaded-the-free-audios.html
    Here’s a quick thought on Karma by the way,
    Marsha, please feel free to. Thank you 🙂

  • Tania Augustyn says:

    I loved this guidelines, and would appreciate more guidance please.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Tania. Is there something specific you would like to ask?