This is something that happened yesterday.  Have you thought about the good deeds you do? : )


As I put my grocery shopping in my car yesterday afternoon and was about to drive away I saw an elderly lady who had just parked next to my car who was getting out. She struggled to get out of her car and had crutches. She was then struggling to open her car back door to get her bags out (re-using bags, environmentally friendly).

So I went up to her and asked if I could help with anything. With a big smile she appreciatively said “That is so kind of you but I should be able to manage.” I gave her company and walked with her to the entrance of the supermarket and brought a shopping cart over to her to take inside.

We chatted while we walked, she mentioned that she should get knee surgery done and we talked and laughed a bit. When we reached the entrance she enthusiastically said thank you and was beaming, smiling and really appreciative that someone had taken the time to think of her, approach her, smile and be friendly, and help her.

Just wanted to share as some of the subtlest things we do can mean so much to others : )


What are your thoughts on helping others? Have you any stories to share on this?
Do share in the comments below : )


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  • Mel says:

    Last week an old homeless man approached me, I recognised him as he’s often there at the supermarket and when I can I give him something.
    As he got closer he said ‘hello’ then recognised me ‘oh hello it’s you, how are you?’ I was running late but didn’t want to be rude so I chatted with him and gave him some food.
    He seemed to skip off when we said our goodbyes and as I left the car park I was beaming as he was beaming.
    I promised myself I would from now on make time for him as that few minutes out of my day seemed to make such a difference to his day.
    I know nothing of his past but I do know he is a human being and deserved some compassion.

    • Hemal Radia says:

      That was beautiful, thank you for sharing, Mel!

      It sounds like it was a lovely experience for both of you! : )
      How a few minutes can potentially transform your day and his…and I’m sure your heart was lighter for the experience : )

  • Chuck says:

    i take dance lessons… and occasionally instead of thinkng of myself and my steps i am helping others. But later i realize that it actually helped me clarify things.
    I have also helped others in workouts and being consistent but i realized that it actually helped me be more sharp and actually was helping myself to get to next levels.
    I like it when i do it sincerely for others w/o even thought for myself. but it happens that infact i was helping myself too.

    • Hemal Radia says:

      Thanks, Chuck. Like they say, the best way to get good at something is to help someone else with it : )

      And great that your intention and sincerity about helping have a positive bearing too.