This was a reply I wrote in a group in Facebook to a budding author who was finding frustration in writing her book.  She was a full time teacher and frustrated that her first novel hadn’t been taken on to be published yet and in despair that her agent had suggested her writing another novel instead:

My reply:
Get into your novel writing such that you enJOY it so
much that time flies by and you’re not wondering about publishers and
agents and books but loving what you’re doing so much, practice your
mindset/vibration towards it such that it’s the joy that thrills you,
that is your reward.

The other thing I’d add is realise the
universal stream is infinite. That’s why you don’t need to ‘push
harder’ to make it ‘go faster’, you just need to line up with it (in terms of thoughts and feelings being in line with it) and
the momentum (including Law of Attraction) will speed it up, and it
will get easier and easier and more and more fun. The results will find
you and you won’t be looking for them, but of course your reward would
be the thrill of it anyway… 😉


Hi Hemal,
Thanks so much for your words. They are so encouraging and
you are right – enjoyment is the key. Feel free to post what you wrote
in response to my thread – the more people who can benefit from what
you said the better!

Ruth x



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