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Hi Hemal

My question is about weight loss — I know that the documented way to
weight loss in The Secret is to focus on the body you want and not on the idea
that weight must be lost AND to love the current body you’re in….which seems
like Catch 22, because if you loved the body you were in you wouldn’t want to
change it, right?



You focus on what you like (about your body) and your actions and everything else etc are as a consequence of that, i.e. feeling good, which initially may not very feel good but it’s about playing with the thoughts about the subject and practicing the vibration (there is more on this in other articles on this blog).  It’s finding something you DO like, and it could be something you like currently, something you’ve liked before, something you WILL like, or just something unrelated which feels good (and doesn’t activate the resistance about it), the feeling good will summon energy which can be in the form of ideas, inspiration, action, etc.

I did something similar last year and I found myself coming across all different types of nutritional products and supplements which were really helpful, and I would come across people who knew about training and nutrition who were willing to offer their suggestions.  Now that is on the action level (which came from ideas and inspiration I had, which came from working on the vibrational level as mentioned above).  You might get some ideas on what you are currently doing or could do, you will literally draw the experience into you from the vacuum you create with your vibration that pulls it towards you.

You’re right, why would you want to lose the weight if you felt good about it?  But feel good about the subject of your body and wellbeing and see what actions you feel like doing.  It’s a different perspective and rather than chasing a condition of ‘good body’, you are expressing/living FROM it and the actions are as a consequence and will feel empowered and stronger

It’s the same in other contexts too, eg rather than someone chasing a relationship because they’re lonely, by feeling great with their own company and the people they already have around them, they will BE better company and attract more friends and relationships as a consequence anyway

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  • Xio says:

    Thank you Hemal excellent message…It is always good to read about Weight Loss and much better to read about “The Secret and Weight Loss”…
    My secrets about it are, to feel happy with myself, accept my body the way it is and love it the way it is…
    Powerful and Perfect Body

  • Hemal says:

    They sound like great secrets 🙂
    Thanks Xio