What you want is already around you,
EVERYTHING is already around you,
You are turning the invisible to the visible,
You are letting it reveal itself to you,
As you think the thoughts that are in harmony of it,
As you think of what you want,
What you are thinking is only a tool or a symbol for you to get into the frequency (/vibration) of what you want,
And then you are allowing by letting it in or something better,
When you are saying ‘ONLY this’ is what I want, you are not allowing something that might be better or more suited to come to you, you are dictating the ‘how’,
There are an infinite number of ways it can make its way to you,
Let it come to you in the easiest and quickest way it can…
But of course, your journey was meant to be as fun as the destination,
So you were never going ‘where is it, where is it’ were you <wink>
Because you are so enjoying the journey and the creation of it….

(Hemal Radia)


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  • XIO says:

    Thank you very much Hemal Universe!!!
    Yes, I really feel that what I want is already around me…The vibracion is really strong and powerful…
    Powerful Love

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Xio 🙂
    Absolutely, it’s all around, all the time, all the best in gently experiencing it and letting it in

  • Bhavini says:

    great post hemal.
    m i right 2 add on 2 say that when we think that we already have what we want, we would speeden up the process of getting it?

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini,
    Yes, when you think you already have what you are wanting you are speeding it up because you are ‘allowing’ it, you are ‘letting it in’, you are matching your desire with belief and expectation.
    But the key is how you feel, sometimes early on with a goal someone might not feel they have it and it will create discord (i.e. not so good feelings, because their belief of it is not close to their desire at that point), so the thing there is to practice the feelings and vibration about it gently and get it more and more comfortable and familiar