Here’s a follow-up to my earlier post It’s on its way

So let’s use an example,  let’s say you want to manifest a car and you are having doubts about it, about whether it is coming, whether you deserve it or if it is ok to have it.

Let’s say that you have already decided what type of a car you want and that you felt good about it but you haven’t seen anything happen on a physical level yet and you are wondering if it’s on it’s way, so you can say the following to yourself:

I know the make, model and colour on the car that I would like and am enjoying thinking about it being outside my home
I realise that recently I’ve not been so sure that it was on its way as I’ve not seen too many things happen and…Where is my car?  Why is it not here?
I realise that as I think about it and most importantly FEEL it in my life the Universe is orchestrating for it to manifest in my life.  By me trusting and allowing and letting it do what it does best and me focusing on what I do best – ENJOYING this process of creation – it will happen in the fastest way
I realise it’s about the PROCESS of creation than the end result.  My goals – including my car – are about what energy I flow about them than the items themselves.  How good I feel about something is relative to how much energy I am flowing and letting in about it and how quickly it will be in my life

I think about my car in my life, outside my home and gleaming wonderfully
As I touch the door handle and hear the sound as I open it, I appreciate this car in my life
I step inside and can smell the interior as I feel the back of the seat against me and feel the upholstery, it feels sooooo lovely
I put my hand on the steering wheel and start the car up and hear the beautiful hum of the engine
I change gear and as I drive this car, I feel how beautiful this experience is, me cruising down the road in this wonderful car of mine

I think about all the places I drive my car and how wonderful it is
It feels very real and I very much feel it in my life
As I think of it and how wonderful it feels I realise that it’s already manifesting and on its way to me
I know that by me thinking and feeling the way I do about it IT’S ON IT’S WAY


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