I have been asked by The en*theos Academy of Optimal Living to teach Law of Attraction courses on their network.  Starting from early July there will be a 4-part course on the “Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction” (there are also plans in the future for a “Mastering the Law of Attraction” course as a follow-on).


Click here to find out about the “Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction” course
(Those that are on the Manifesting Excellence Group calls will have access to this as a courtesy)


The en*theos Academy for Optimal Living is excited to be hosting Hemal Radia as he shares his wisdom in The Fundamentals of The Law of Attraction! Hemal’s knowledge and enthusiasm are sure to make this an amazing course!” – Casey Carey, en*theos

Fundamentals of the Law of Attraction - Hemal Radia

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