The “Mastering the Law of Attraction” course starts this Thursday and will be covering many topics including using your intuition to more easily and effectively manifest your goals.  This is a live course and the audios are downloadable afterwards.

In light of that, I thought you might enjoy the following…

1 – The path from where you are to where you want to be is revealed as you energetically line up to it.

The intelligence and information is ‘unlocked’ as you get into frequency and resonance with what you are wanting.

You can get into frequency and resonance with anything that has a frequency and vibration, and… everything has a frequency and vibration…

2 – There is usually a question (an ‘asking’), even an unconscious one.  This is followed by the answer in energetic form which you decode into a from that you understand, eg something you see, something you hear, something you feel etc.

When people get wrong information it is usually because:
– They are asking the wrong questions
– They are not able to discern the correct inutitive information from the noise

3 – All information is available to you. It is based upon your openness to what you are wanting to know.

4 – You will always get an answer. The accuracy of it will depend on your interpretation and ‘decoding’ of it

5 – This channel of information is available to you just like your other senses. It is just about activating and bringing this forward in your awareness, asking questions, separating the clean information from the noise.

Click here for more information about the “Mastering the Law of Attraction” course starting this Thursday

Mastering the Law of Attraction

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  • Subtilizer says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips in your blog. I thought The law of attraction would be easy. It is more complicated when you get into the details and individual mindsets.
    I think one of my problems is with #4 – You will always get an answer. If I get an answer that is unexpected or not welcome I have trouble with it, ignore it or let it cause stress.

  • Hemal says:

    Hi, the “unexpectedness” or it not being “welcome” will be to do with your beliefs and perceptions than the answer itself, that is what is causing you to feel that way.
    If you haven’t yet, check out the resources at, particularly the free chapters to the book.