Soul-to-soul ‘love’ is flow/infinite/abundant/expansive and connective…
Whereas ego-to-ego ‘love’ can be divisive/fear-based/limited/scarcity thinking and contractive.

Ego-to-ego can resonate at times in people’s journeys and their evolution and for where they are at that moment – there is nothing necessarily ‘wrong’ with it, it can be a phase like many others.

But it may not be something that lasts as it is based on the superficial and transient, than on the deeper, infinite, the divine, or the ‘truth’ – who you really are.

You are your soul/spirit in addition to your physical form. Loving something (or someone) for their form is transient because they will change form, as will you.

But loving someone for who they are will be an eternal love affair because that’s ‘who’ they are and who you are.

One is expansive, abundant, timeless, connective and adds to who you are – the other is divisive, fear-basesd, contractive and transient.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

 Soulmate and Soul Love


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  • Steve Vernon says:

    How right you are, Hemal. I believe this not only applies to love but to anything we do in our lives. If it is purely from the standpoint of the ego, which exists in a constant state of fear of annihilation and will do anything to defend itself, then whatever we are doing or trying to accomplish will be transient and unsatisfying in the long run. But what we do from the standpoint of spirit (or soul, or our true self) is always, in your words, expansive, abundant, timeless, connective and adds to who we are as well as to the lives of those around us.

  • Hemal says:

    I agree with you Steve, this applies to everything. And I totally agree about transient and about expansive and adds to who we are and to the lives of those around us 🙂

  • paul says:

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