Do you realise that one reason why you may not have what you want is because you are in ASKING mode rather than RECEIVING mode?

This is a question that was sent in for this coming Saturday’s Manifesting Excellence call/audio download:

I’ve just been listening to a talk and they say that when we continuously ask for help we give our power away … could we discuss this … please! The concept stems from going outside ourselves for answers and not journeying within to find those answers … what is outside is also inside … so why would going outside for help be giving our power away?


I will answer this on the call/audio and talk about how ASKING is good!

It is about asking AND receiving – ebb and flow – when it comes to your manifestations.  Like an in-breath and an out-breath.

Are you just asking or are you ready/receptive to the answer…are you energetically ALIGNED as a match to receive the answer you are wanting?

Are you tuned into the frequency of the ANSWER of what you want?

I will talk more about this and also share techniques and methods of doing this!

Click here to join us on Saturday’s call or the audio download of it and listen in your own time.


Manifesting Excellence

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