Hi Everyone!

This is just a reminder if you
haven’t already that you need to book on the blog post below at http://www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com/loa/2008/07/manifesting-law-of-attraction-teleclasses—book-now.html to get the access details.

This teleclass will cover a lot of detail on Law of Attraction and Manifesting including:

-Inherent in every desire are the mechanics for the attainment of it
-How to be general and specific to soften, shape and empower your goals
-The bigger picture on Law of Attraction which often isn’t mentioned, and how to apply it in your life
-How do you know your goals are close? How do you know what to do to get closer?
-Your emotions in being key to lining up with what you want
-As well as YOUR questions!

There will be some pdf notes of the content.
course there will be other content in the upcoming teleclasses also as
well as you getting to ask questions that APPLY TO YOU! I have already
received some questions for Saturday and am open to receiving more if I
receive them in the next day or so.
The teleclasses are $20 each or $50 for the bundle of four and as mentioned above you can book at http://www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com/loa/2008/07/manifesting-law-of-attraction-teleclasses—book-now.html

Feel free to contact me if you have questions for the teleclass or about it

Take care,


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