“You are the focal point, when you change the lens you change everything reflected from it”

The content for this coming Saturday’s (Aug 9th) Teleclass includes:

  • Tapping into the Abundance around you
  • Lining up with your essences of Money
  • Can you ‘Attract Someone Specific’?
  • Thoughts on Attracting a ‘Soulmate’
  • And much more on ABUNDANCE, MONEY & RELATIONSHIPS plus answers to the questions YOU submit!
  • Examples of working with processes
  • Practical exercises
  • Do of course send in your questions and make this an even more unique and special experience for you! Send them to hemal@manifestingandlawofattraction.com

For booking details go to http://www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com/loa/2008/07/manifesting-law-of-attraction-teleclasses—book-now.html

If you have missed previous teleclasses you can download them from that link and are still able to purchase them as a bundle ($20 each or $50 for the bundle of all 4 teleclasses)

And remember, even if you can’t attend live you can still submit questions and access the download to them afterwards

It’s about Flow…






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  • Victor says:

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