Thanks Hemal,

I have been wondering about this whole physics, chemistry and biology of manifestation.
How do we differentiate between the ‘signs’ from the universe and our fears and mental blocks?  What if we are repeating the same pattern over and over again and still it feels to be a ‘sign’?

Thank you for your answer : )


Essentially the Universe IS an extension of you.  Any ‘signs’ from the Universe are reflections of your OWN vibration.

So if you are getting repeating ‘signs’, that is more an indication of your own vibration rather than the Universe “telling” you to do something.

In this Universe you have total freedom, you can create your reality with your vibration.  The Universe is malleable to your thought and vibration and will respond to it, it is your CHOICE on what you want.  As you shift your thoughts towards the things that you want and vibrate from that place, you will tend to see ‘signs’ from the Universe that match that vibration.  And then you will see them more and more as you get closer and closer and you will experience manifestations along the way.

It is about you following your joy
.  The Universe will never ‘tell’ or ‘force’ you.  You are an extension and aspect of the Universe (or of God), you are an expression of it.  It grows when you do.

There are those that believe that destiny is written for them and live their lives with constraints and limitations, and there are those that believe they write their destiny and create it.  It does not matter if you do not fully believe this at this moment, pretend as if you do and see what happens.  Practice that ‘muscle’ like any other. Think and make decisions as if you are in charge of your destiny.  This is also a distinction in being empowered and in charge of your life rather than being disempowered.

Those that believe (or at least pretend as if) they are in charge of their destiny will tend to make choices and decisions from a place of creativity, growth, possibility and expression.  Those that do not will tend to feel limited, they may feel that others are making decisions for themselves.  Sometimes if they do this for long they pick up physical conditions which are a reflection of the limitations they perceive in their thoughts and vibration.

So any ‘signs’ you see are more reflections of your own thoughts and attention.  Ask yourself what do you want to see?  And FEEL and vibrate from that place and see what happens. What if YOU were writing your own destiny, what would you do, be, think, feel, act as if?

What you experience in your life is an indicator of where you are vibrationally (the vibration always comes before the physical happenings) it is your choice where you want to be relative to that.

Heart on beach

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  • I am working on all this stuff…maybe too much at once or trying to hard, but since I asked Divine Guidance to lead me to people, places, ideas & things I need for my true path and I was compelled to click your twitter link & come here, obviously I was meant to see it.
    So w/ you permission I am copying the italicized portion of the next to last paragraph for an exercise I already have on-going…

  • Your quote, below, seems to have a similar focus:
    “Focus on the aspects that you love & appreciate in a person & take your attention off those that you don’t.”
    If there’s something you don’t like about a person, and you’re dreading the next time he/she is going to “do” that.. perhaps you’re actually inviting that aspect to appear!
    The other person must sense your discomfort, and so then he/she becomes uncomfortable – and does exactly the “thing” that you were afraid of! I’m not saying you’re responsible for a person’s physical actions, but I can definitely see how the emotional environment one sets up can allow more of the same to enter.
    Yes, rather than dread that “this or that” may occur in the relationship, why not believe instead that you can create a wonderful experience for both of you in your next encounter?
    I love this: “you are in charge of your destiny”
    Thank you Hemal,

  • Laurel LaFlamme | @onlinedesign says:

    “Any ‘signs’ from the Universe are reflections of your OWN vibration.” My husband used to think I was silly when I’d say things like “Did you see that? It’s a sign.”
    Actually, anything I want to be can be a “sign” “to me” if it means something to me. Like seeing a rainbow, that always brings good things to me to the point that I deliberately go on “rainbow patrol” now after our thunder-bumpers.
    By chasing rainbows, I have seen so many more of them. By believing in the “sign” (that is will be a great day, or whatever)…it turns out to be so.
    We need constant reinforcement to negate the negativity we all live in and around, and stay “in charge of our own destiny.”
    Looking for and believing in good “signs” is a fun reminder to do so. (It works for me anyway, and that’s all I’m in charge of: me).

  • I’m so glad I read this today. I have been thinking all morning about the meaning of a dream I had last night and it’s significance in a situation in my life. I realize now that it is a reflection of what is in my heart. I’ve felt like the signs and my feelings are contradicting each other, but really they aren’t. The truth is the signs are representing my real feelings, what I know and feel at a soul level. The stuff I think I’ve been “desiring” is just ego stuff….
    I also have to add that I am very torn on the destiny thing. I totally believe in the law of attraction (I even wrote about it in a blog entry), but I also thing that ultimately we all have a destiny, a place we are meant to go. But I do think we are in charge of how we arrive at that destiny. I’d love to hear more thoughts on this though, I am still learning, always learning!

  • Kara says:

    Wow! Thanks for this!
    I just found your blog, and I’m blown away by this post.
    I absolutely agree with everything you say – I think this is underpinning workings of what I.
    I post real examples of signs in my own life and how I unravel their meanings. My hope is that this helps others look at the signs in their own lives and by interpreting their own signs, become more conscious of how to navigate their lives in the best possible way for them.
    I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog!

  • Hemal Radia says:

    That’s fine CrypticFragment 🙂
    Thank you all for your thoughts and appreciation!
    Leslee, consider that there is a vibrational momentum that is called “destiny”, and you have the ability to affect your vibration 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    Thank you for this. I have been councelling for several years with respect to a family member that i have issues with. And you are so right, i dread being around this person and always anticipate what will go wrong next. I have to change that vibration totally. I have to find the positives in this person, not the negatives that i always do…i love reading all the posts and the positive things here!!
    Michelle M.

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  • Hi Hemal
    Great to come across your site online. We have a lot in common and I’d love to connect, will do so on Facebook and Twitter.
    I founded a global community based on my “Follow The Signals” methodology that I used to transform my life, following signs from the Universe, and we have a wonderful community of people around the world all following their own ‘signs’ at
    I am about to check out your books also. My book “Pinch Me – How Following The Signals Changed My Life” is my story of how I discovered, interpreted and followed signals. Just hit the Amazon best sellers list over the weekend, which just goes to show how awake people are to ‘signs’ now as a way to create lastingly and joyful change in life. I love how it is now so mainstream and widely shared. I’d love to stay in touch with you.
    My best wishes and warmest regards for the great work you do,
    Bernadette Logue