This is a beautiful video that Jen Reynolds created.  If you are reading this via the email notification then click here to access this video on the blog.

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  • Gaylena Collins says:

    I love the video and know and love the song it fits the video perfectly!
    Thank you so much for sharing it Hemal!

  • Cindy says:

    what a beautiful video. thanks for the share. Cindy (twitter-notjustagrany)

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Gaylena & Cindy! 🙂

  • Steffie says:

    Simply beautyful, thank’s for sharing.

  • Sonali Patel says:

    Thank You for You
    Thank you for the love
    you’ve shown thru the years
    and the loving way
    you’ve wiped away my tears
    Thank you for the helping hand
    taking care of things
    and making plans
    when good help was in demand
    Thank you just for being you
    and sealing my lips with a kiss
    And for this tender moment
    I’ll save to reminisce

  • T. Bishop says:

    I was really moved by this video. I had picked up IZ’s CD when my husband and I had won a trip to Hawaii and discovered the beauty of his voice and person then. It had been the first holiday I’d taken with my husband without our four children and the oldest was fourteen. A few years later my husband passed away leaving me a widow at 44. I played this music piece at the end of his funeral in church much to the chagrin of the minister but I was insistent. The minister left before it was played but the rest of the people stayed and seemed mesmerized as the simplicity of the spiritual message through IZ’s sweet voice resonated throughout the space making the moment both magical and hopeful. I was happy that I had done it as the song meant something to us. Sometimes church people get too hung up on rules not on spirituality. I think that this video is beautifullly done – not only is the music perfect but the visuals and quotations are wonderful as well. Thanks.